The Eighth Road


“A soulmate isn’t someone who completes you, but rather someone who inspires you to complete yourself.”

The eighth and final road might be the most important of all, for it is both the beginning and the end; the alpha and omega, a wondrous path that stretches for infinity in a never ending loop. It is magical and radiant, said to shine brighter than the sun, and many people walk through their entire lives without ever being able to even catch a glimpse of it. And yet we somehow stumbled upon it by accident, almost as if someone had planned for us to meet here.

Sometimes I wonder if the red strings of fate were really tied to our pinkies the moment our souls descended from where they came from. It feels like destiny to have met you the way I did, at the time and place I did. There were so many factors that needed to have happened exactly how they did for us to fall for each other, and yet somehow, they did. I never believed that anything happened for any reason until I met you. Some people search an entire lifetime to meet someone that makes them feel even a fraction of how I feel about you.

Our story is only supposed to happen in fiction, and yet here we are, turning the pages one by one. Even though some chapters are harder to write than others, and some days are filled with clouds and rain, I‘ll never give up. They say to never make decisions when you’re sad and to never make promises when you’re happy. Well, I decided to throw away my receipt a long time ago and I promise to honor the return policy.

Mindy, thank you for sharing with me your smile, your mind, your pain, your essence, your kindness, your soul, and your heart. It has been such a wonderful journey, and I hope that it never ends. Thank you for simply being you in every way, exactly as you are. You are such a gift to a world that doesn’t deserve you, and my only wish is that one day you‘ll see that.

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