The Seventh Road


“To have someone understand your mind is a different kind of intimacy.”

Some roads are parallel while others intersect, but this road intertwines like the weavings of a basket. In fact, the paths cross so much that they have formed a single larger highway, serving as a shortcut for us to meet anywhere else in the world. It is like a giant maze, and you’ve walked alone for all your life, always hoping to find another traveler. I never expected to find myself in front of you, but it was here that you asked me to stay by your side, and I haven’t left it since. Maybe all the previous roads have given us the chance to meet here, but I believe that it was this one that brought us to the others.

We understand each other in ways that others before us could not. I can always feel what you feel, whether it is happiness or pain, and you always understand the words I say, even when they don’t come out right. If telepathy was real, I’d use our thoughts as evidence. To put in the most simplest of terms—we just get each other. Because of this, our fights are always playful, and we still respect each other whenever we disagree. I find it difficult to ever feel upset or angry at you, and the only time I feel frustrated is when I can’t understand something, but you always push all my worries away the moment you see them.

Thank you for never judging me, and always seeing things from my point of view, even when they’re different from yours. I hope there never comes a day where we can no longer see eye to eye, and that our hearts and minds will always stay connected as one. As long as you and I are still walking this road together, we can never really be apart, no matter where we are in the world.

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