The Second Road


“Beauty without intelligence is a masterpiece painted on a napkin.”

Although this road has the power to potentially take us to almost any destination, there are seldom many people here, for it is oftentimes hidden to those who truly do not wish to seek it. But you’ve left your mark at every turn, and so I followed your footprints to find you dancing alone in the sunset. Your presence admittedly came to me as a pleasant surprise; I often ignore any other travelers here, but there was just something about the way that you effortlessly navigate through all the curves and corners that captivated me. There may be many holes and pits hidden along these paths, but you walk through every single one with grace, almost as if you were the one who dug them.

We spend many hours here, perhaps more than anywhere else, and yet it never feels too old or traveled to me. From the number of adverbs we cycle through every night to express our adoration for each other, to mental graphs and logic boards we come up with to prove our often unnecessary points, to brainstorming ideas for imaginary companies, to our appreciation for poetry, chess, Rubik's cubes, the 4am IQ tests and overly competitive games of Monopoly, or Googling every single thing we ever talk about just to confirm who‘s wrong and right. Somehow, some way, we find enjoyment in arguing and disagreeing with each other.

I know that you’re the one who always says this, but I could listen to you talk about anything for hours. Thank you for showing me your side of the road. The signs and landmarks you created here provide me with a sense of familiarity and brings peace to my otherwise warring heart. I hope I can always provide you with the substance that you seek, and that together we can take this road to all the places we wish to go to.

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