The Sixth Road


“When you see beauty anywhere, it’s a reflection of yourself.”

Perhaps the most curious of all, this road was never meant to be walked upon by two people, for it is obscurely narrow and tight. But somehow, amidst this crazy universe, we share the same paths here from beginning to end. Every corner, every turn, every bump, and every stone was carefully crafted, selected, and placed just for the two of us.

You are my other half. For so many nights I dreamt and wished to meet someone like me, whether as a friend or a lover, and all the days that followed never gave me what I wanted—until you came along and somehow became both. I never thought that someone like you could exist; the possibility just never even grazed my mind, but when I think about the two of us, I can’t help but to feel like we really came from the same star.

We’re alike in just so many ways that I can’t even begin to list them. From both being Virgos and having birthdays in the same week, to something as silly as liking the same kind of ice cream, to dream pet names and Scandinavian design enthusiasm, to having identical thought processes and aspirations. From the same Meyers Briggs personality traits to all the self-deprecation, to even something like back pain and being afraid of heights, and getting 0.0 GPAs. There really has never been anyone in my life as identical to me as you.

It might sound silly, but sometimes I question the universe because of you. Are you really my twin flame? Did our souls really come from a single one that was split in half? At times I laugh at myself for believing in something like that, but when I really think deeply about it, everything starts making sense. It was like everything ever written about mirror souls was written about us. No matter how long it’s been, I can’t help but feel like I waited my whole life to meet you, and I hope that I won’t ever need to find you again.

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