The Fourth Road


“Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave them all over everything you do.”

This road is paved by dirt and thus easily worn away by the storms of life, but it is essential to everyone’s story, for it tells us exactly who we are. It is called the road of quintessence not only because it defines one's character, but it also leads us straight into one's soul. Although it may be fragile, I’ve tried my best to stay on track for as long as I can remember, and for almost all my life, have never seen any passersby until you came along. The ground may sometimes be hard to travel and when it rains the dirt becomes muddy, but the moment you came along, everything suddenly felt like a playground on a rainy summer day.

We share many similar values, from our resentment towards money and how we choose to spend it, to the importance we raise on honesty and openness, to our political and social views, morality and ethics, our familial challenges, and even our slight distaste for academic integrity. Although we would never dare to call ourselves perfectly moral beings, we draw the lines in the sand at the same spots. But most importantly of all, we share the same dreams of becoming successful so that we can help others, and I’m positive that together we can achieve our goals. You make me feel invincible, as if I could accomplish anything I want with you there by my side.

Thank you for bringing out the best sides of me and holding me steady on this winded walk. Thank you for showing me the way even when the forks get confusing and overwhelming. I hope that we can always follow each other into the right direction, no matter how lost we may feel at times.

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